About The IEA

Founded September 16, 2010 by American Equine Artist, Deborah Flood, The Institute of Equine Artists was formed for artists who enjoy creating the horse in art. The group started out as a handful of Equine Artists from America, Canada and Australia, who wanted a place to network, share, and have an online community and professional presence. The Organization is based in America.

As the Membership became more popular, more artists joined the organization.

The IEA is an online Membership platform, for artists to network with like minded artists.

Aside from being listed in the Artist Directory on the IEA Website with a link, and having the opportunity to purchase a personal web-page on the IEA website, Members may promote themselves through provided online platforms, such as the IEA Facebook Page.

Membership Dues covers the operating costs of the Website, Web Maintenance, Office Expenses, and the Administration of the Membership as a whole.

No one shall be discriminated against, upon their race or personal orientations.

If a member harasses, taunts, or speaks slander of another member (or nonmember) on the IEA  Facebook or through any other IEA online or off line affiliate, that member will be dismissed from the IEA Membership.

All Members are to conduct themselves in a Professional manner and respect the rules of the Membership and it's Members.

Any Member that demonstrates non professionalism, unable to cooperate within the realms of the Membership, or resists in keeping the lines of communication open, with the IEA Administration, will result in the termination of that member's Membership in the IEA.


 Deborah Flood