Enroll In IEA Membership

The IEA will be reviewing New Member Applicants for enrollment in September.
 New Member Enrollments will take place in September of each year.
Membership Dues are due in September of each year.
To submit for Membership, Please go to the contact page of this site, and follow the instructions there.
Thank you for your interest in the IEA Membership.

Information on what is offered an IEA Member is listed below:

The IEA Regular Associate Membership offers :

  • Members Only: Blog that streams into the IEA's Public Facebook Page and Twitter account.
  • Listing in the Artist Directory with an image and link to your website.
  • An image in the Gallery on the IEA Website.
  • Email Newsletters and updates through Constant Contact email program.
  • Members Only: Yahoo Group Email Networking
  • Online IEA All Member Exhibits.
  • Opportunity for discounted Member Group Advertising in select magazines.
  • Facebook Private Group Page. For interacting with other members on Facebook.
  • NEW!! Member's Only Private Discussion Forum Board. You will have the ability to ask for help, critique, and search for helpful information, as well as so much more.

The IEA is an online Membership platform, for artists to network with like minded artists.

Aside from being listed in the Artist Directory on the IEA Website with a link, and having the opportunity to purchase a personal web-page on the IEA website, Members may promote themselves through provided online platforms, such as the IEA Blog, which streams through the IEA Twitter Account, and the IEA Facebook Page.

Members do have the opportunity to exhibit in online IEA member exhibits.

Membership Dues covers the operating costs of the Website, Web Maintenance, Office Expenses, and the Administration of the Membership as a whole.

  • The Opportunity to apply for Signature Status Membership. This membership holds the members to a higher standard of professionalism.
  • The Signature Status Membership includes all of the above, and the opportunity to exhibit in Signature Member Exhibits in Galleries and Museums. It also allows Signature Status Members to use the IEA initials after their name and in advertising. It is the Signature Members that Professionally Represent the IEA Membership. Annual dues are the same as the Associate Member. There is a one time, non-refundable, Jury Application Fee for each time the Signature Status Application is Submitted.
    Jurying takes place once a year.
  • The Master Signature Membership Members, are Chosen by Invitation only. These select individuals must be a Signature Member in good standing and have demonstrated utmost professionalism in their chosen field and during IEA Signature Member Exhibits.
The Master Signature Member is a committee that will be called upon to cast votes on various Signature Member business and issues, throughout the year. These members may use IEAM in their signatures.

The IEA Regular Associate Membership with a Personal Web Page Presence Offers:
  • All of the Associate Perks, plus:
  • One Personal Web Page on the IEA Site with 4 images of art (to start), an image of you and a Bio, Artist Statement with contact and any links you may have to view more work. More images may be added to your page yearly, as well as up dates to the text.

  • 1 Year Dues For Associate Membership: $30.00 USD
  • 1 Year Dues For Associate Membership, With a Personal Web Page: $40.00 USD.
  •  Membership enrollment starts September 1st of each year.  Membership dues for one calendar year runs from September to September.


All are welcome to apply and no one shall be discriminated against, upon their race or personal orientations, or the Country in which they reside.

If a member harasses, taunts, or speaks slander of another member (or non-member) on the IEA Forums, Blogs, Facebook or through any other IEA online or off line affiliate, that member will be dismissed from the IEA Membership.

All Members are to conduct themselves in a Professional manner and respect the rules of the Membership and it's Members, online as well as offline.

Any Member that demonstrates non professionalism, unable to cooperate within the realms of the Membership, or resists in keeping the lines of communication open, with the IEA Administration, will result in the termination of that member's Membership in the IEA.
Dues must be kept up. Members will be removed from the membership, if they do not renew within a Month of the renewal date.

All Fine Art Mediums are accepted.

  • Painting
  • Drawing
  • Sculpture
  • Photography
  • Digital Exploration in Fine Art
  • Jewelry Making
  • Stone work
  • Woodworking
  • As well as many other materials.