IEA Master Signature Members

Master Signature Members:

Carol Walker
Carole Andreen-Harris
Laurie Justus-Pace
Thomas Allen Pauly
Deborah Flood
Nancy Christy-Moore
Patricia Griffin


The Master Signature Member is chosen by Invitation only.

These select individuals must be a Signature Member in good standing and have demonstrated utmost professionalism in their chosen field and during IEA Signature Member Exhibits.
The Master Signature Member is a committee that will be called upon to cast votes on various Signature Member business and issues, throughout the year. These members may use IEAM in their signatures.

The Master Signature Committee may be called upon to cast votes for varying issues such as, but not limited to:

  • Assisting with Jurying Associate Members into Signature Membership.

  • Assisting with Signature Member Exhibits and the Jurying in of Submissions to those exhibits.

  • Assisting with Signature Member Exhibit Themes and Titles of the Exhibits.

  • Assisting with voting Signature Members into "Master Signature Members" when a candidate arises.

  • Assisting with voting, on whether a Signature Member stays a Signature Member, based on their Professionalism and handling of themselves during all aspects of a Signature Member Exhibit and within other realms of the Membership . This may also pertain to an Associate Member within the Associate Membership.