Renew Your IEA Membership

 IEA Membership Dues Renewals and New Member Acceptances are now closed.

Membership Renewals and Newly Juried Member's Dues are accepted in September of each year.
September 1 -30 of each year.

For Renewing Associate Members and Newly Juried Associate Members:

Renewing only takes a few minutes by clicking on the appropriate Paypal button below.

  • Associate Membership is $30.00 for one year.
  • Associate Membership with a One Page Web Page on this site is $40.00 for one year.

For Renewing Signature Members and Master Signature Members:

  • Signature Status Membership is $30.00 for one year.
  • Signature Status with a One Page Web Page on this site is $40.00 for one Year.

If you don't use Paypal to pay, you may send a check, USD, for the appropriate amount, made out to Institute of Equine Artists or IEA. Contact the IEA for a mailing address, thank you.
Deborah Flood

( To avoid paying twice!: This Paypal button is an Annual Preapproved Subscription Plan through Paypal. You do not need to use this paypal button if you have an Annual Preapproved Subscription from the year before. Go to your paypal account and look under your profile tools to manage your Preapproved Subscriptions.)

If you have a webpage on the IEA Website, make sure you select the proper payment slot on the button below: (thank you).

 The Paypal button, below, has a drop down menu to choose the correct Payment Option.
Click on the arrow to the right, on the content box, to see more options.

By using this Annual Preapproved Payment Plan Button, through Paypal, the user agrees that the user is the sole responsible party for the Automatic Payments billed each calendar year through Paypal, from the start date of using this Paypal Button, and that Deborah Flood and the Institute of Equine Artists Organization is not liable for unwanted Annual Preapproved Auto Billing through Paypal.
By using this Annual Preappoved Payment Plan Button, You agree not to create or open a 'Chargeback' Case through Paypal against Deborah Flood or the Institute of Equine Artists Organization.
If a 'Chargeback' case is opened through Paypal, against Deborah Flood or the Institute of Equine Artists Organization, the said user of the Paypal Preapproved Paypal Billing account will be billed the $20.00USD Paypal Chargeback Case Closing Fee, by the Institute of Equine Artists Organization.

After the user uses this Preapproved Payment Plan Button through Paypal, and said user does not wish to continue with the Preapproved Payment Plan through Paypal, said user may login into the users personal Paypal Account and Cancel their Preapproved Payment Plan in their Profile Settings.
For more information on how to cancel Preapproved Payments in Paypal, and other questions, please view the frequently asked questions and instructions in the File Area at the top of this webpage.

Thank you!

We look forward to another fun and creative year ahead with you!